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For the first time, the same rigorous math, science, and engineering mentorship that students have experienced in our lab is now available worldwide! Build real-world skills and a portfolio you can be proud of through a wide variety of live content and courses designed to help springboard middle and high-school students to success.

This is not your "typical online program" — this is becoming part of a supportive global community. All students must interview with Dr. Foland before acceptance into the program, meaning space is, and will remain, very limited. Registration is currently closed, but will reopen soon.

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Inside Dev – Project Hodgkin (Biomedical Arduino Nano) – Session 09

Project Hodgkin is an open-source (semi) Arduino Nano compatible microcontroller development board that is developed to IEC 60601 standards for 2xMOPP (methods of patient protection) isolation. It is intended for educational settings to enable students and enthusiasts to safely interface with biopotential amplifier circuits.